You can access the content of the demo system in two ways:

  • Enter the web address (URL) directly on any device
    So by typing the web address of demo ( to any web browser - is it up to desktop PC or a mobile device - the browser load the device optimized main page of the system.
  • Read the QR placed next to the object using a mobile device
    You can try this in the demo system, so that, for example a desktop PC's browser load the demo system, and the bottom of all pages (the main page to) displayed a special , highlighted section:
    ("Support for mobile devices"),
    This section includes a QR code, which is used to access the page. You scan this QR code on your mobile device and system fill the page in the mobile device's browser. 

    In live environment these codes does not appear in a desktop browser interface. The printed QR codes are placed next to the objects.

    Collection of example QR codes


The system is multilingual.
Unlimited number of languages supported. This demo is available in English and Hungarian.

Contents of objects

  • Object can be organized to groups. Each object can be a member of multiple groups.
  • Contents of object are added and edited by using a central content management tool (images, audio and video content can be added along with textual information).
  • not only specific art object informations available to recording, but any number of custom information pages to:
    advertising, temporary or permanent program reviews, general tourist information and general historical background, restaurants, hotels, etc.


User interface, navigation and design

  • The current design of the demo is only for demonstration purposes. Both the navigation and the design is fully customizable so it is possible to create either a unique UI and nevigation or adjust it to our customer's exsiting website(s).
  • The system can operate as a stand-alone main website, or attached to an existing website as a sub-domain.
  • In a mixed intranet-internet installation (for example inside a building/zoo, using a local wifi network as well as public internet) It is possible to control what information is accessible publicly and what is available only locally, at the exhibition. For example, it is possible to show only a selected sample of objects on the public site while all information is available locally, whithin local wifi network.
  • It is also possible to design a different navigation (menus) for mobile and desktop browsers.

Dynamic data management

GUIDO.WEB has a centralized, web-based data administration tool. Using this administration tool, all content of the site can be managed. This module is not available in the demo version. In case of interest, please contact us and we will demonstrate it's functionality and usage.

Data management options:

  • the main menu can be expanded further menu items, which navigate to any web address or to any custom page in GUIDO.WEB system 
  • main page contents are individually hand assembled, modified. It currently consists of four articles ("Welcome to Multimedia Information System demonstration!", "Guide / Information about the demo", "GUIDO.WEB Services", "Management is easy, simply") , but it is completely converted to. 
  • grouping objects in a single level, you can always change
    (In the current demo: "Collections"
  • the tours can be compiled into in the administration interface
    (In the current demo: "Tours"
  • highlighted information session can be set up more, and each may be subject to specific objects or articles, advertisements, programs and events.
    (Two highlighted sections of the demo system is currently: "Arts of the Month", "Csontváry weeks") 
  • collection of links at the bottom of the page
    • flexibly grouped (there are currently three groups)
    • unlimited number of link items available on the website
    • all link item and group can be modify

Whatever questions arise about the operation of the system or the demo, please contact us: contact the developer