Artworks with multimedia contents (text, images, video, ...)
The system GUIDO.WEB any number of artifacts can be managed. All text information, in addition to the art object in different media materials can be ordered. Please check our video & audio content demo to see an example.

Identification: Reading the identification code
Each art object is assigned to a two-dimensional pointcode (QR code), which is easy to print on your printer and can be placed on object or on storage bin. The camera-equipped smartphone or tablet visitors easily and quickly to read the code and you will detailed information about the selected objects are loaded.

The system provides a level of grouping the objects, categorized.

Themed guided tours
The system of any number of tours (thematic guided tour) can be created, which will guide you through step-by-step plan for visitors to tour the artwork. A work of art may appear several hiking.

The system provides information on the main page featured placement, which may be of specific works of art, news, articles and advertisements.

Useful information
The main page footer links placed in any number of groups broken down in your system set up by the third-party sites or information sites, downloadable documents, pages may show a different institution.