Guided tours of multimedia objects and information services demand very diverse branches of services. GUIDO Exhibition Information Systems is designed to to provide a broad and diverse solutions. Applicable for museums, special exhibitions and collection presentations, archives, company tours, showrooms, zoos, game demos, city tours, tours of archaeological excavation or permanent exhibitions as well. The system consists of two applications, which can be used independently or as an integrated system.

The system uses barcode/QR code as content identification technology to present is essentially any type of multimedia content (text, images, audio, video) on any number of languages for it's users (visitors).

GUIDO - Exhibition Information System

GUIDO - Exhibition Information SystemThe system uses specific mobile computers - PDAs - provided by the system owner for the visitors.
Operating GUIDO is easy and convenient. The device is equipped with a bar code or RFID read head and connects directly with the museum object. This provides the user with quick and direct access to information, without having to fuss with complicated navigation menus. Communication thus becomes an entertaining and active experience. GUIDO offers countless possibilities for combining diverse and interactive exhibition information.

With GUIDO you can self-manage special themed tours, integrate different media formats or create fun edutainment games. In addition, GUIDO has an integrated content management system which enables you to adapt the user interface and fonts to your museum’s graphics. GUIDO is versatile and therefore suited for museums and themed exhibitions, collection presentations, archive tours, company tours, showrooms, animal parks, fun-filled city tours, archaeological excavation tours or permanent exhibitions.

For further details please contact us or go to GUIDO - Exhibition Information System page.

GUIDO.WEB - WEB-es Multimédiás Információs Rendszer

GUIDO.WEB - WEB-es Multimédiás Információs RendszerGUIDO.WEB is a web-based information system for Internet or Intranet environments, providing multilingual information either publicly or locally on a wide palette of mobile devices. Information can be transmitted to smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks at place/location, or (optionally, if allowed by the contect provider) can be browsed by desktop computers remotely.

This website demonstrates some of the available functions of GUIDO.WEB through an imaginary Art Gallery.